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What Others Say About

"Stories and Magic with Bob and Friends"

Bob, you were outstanding last Tuesday. You have got your presentation perfected. Those kids and adults were mesmerized. I can not say enough. The flow of the show and the story it is a true art form that very few can master. Kudos, kudos to you, Master Bob Shimer.

—-- Parent

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for your wonderful performance at Josie and Tyler's Birthday Party on Saturday.  We know that the children will be talking about this party for a long time and several of the parents complimented us on our choice of entertainment.  Thank you again so much for a wonderful job.  I have attached some of the pictures I took to this e-mail.  Please feel free to use us as a reference if needed.  Thank you again!  

----- Parent

......As for Bob, he is a regular Pied Piper! Every single time there were a few seconds between tellers, they flocked around him. Well, I have to tell the truth and shame the Devil--K'Tarri had a lot to do with it. What kid, or adult, for that matter, could resist a tall man with an African owl perched on his shoulder? Then, there was the magic. I stood no more than two feet from him and tried, with my adult (well, kinda') cunning, to catch him, and I could not. I COULD NOT! He doesn't even wear long sleeves! And can he tell a story! You can bet on that! I think it's fair to say that he had his audience mesmerized. (There's a good magician's term.).....

-----Reviewer of a Storytelling Festival

I also want to thank you for participating in the annual meeting, you did a wonderful job of keeping people entertained while they were waiting their turn with the appraiser! I think most everyone is fascinated by magic and seeing it "up close and personal" makes it even more...magical! Thanks again for making a long evening enjoyable!

----- Library Director

The librarian who introduced him today almost called him Bob Shimmer. That wouldn't have been so far off the mark, though, because he did put on a shining program, integrating magic, ventriloquism, and storytelling. His audience ranged in age from a few months to folks a whole lot older than my own 40-something, and he easily owned the room, capturing us all with his sleight of hand, his international tales, and the delightful Drango and Krag, both from a planet far, far away. Drango and Krag, though very interactive when Bob invites them onstage, are most courteous when he is spinning a yarn, stepping to the background and becoming extremely quiet. We heard an Anansi tale, a Native American tale about Grandmother Spider, and "The Noisy House," the latter involving the entire audience in the animal noises. Bob has carved for himself a very special niche in the storytelling, the ventriloquist, and the sleight-of-hand arenas by combining the three.

-----Reviewer of Library show

One of the great things I like about you, and remember from the last time you were here, is the way you entice your audience before the show starts. You get the audience involved before you even start the program. Your "friends" were great too!  Thank you so much again. Next time we will have to find a bigger place to have you perform; we had so many people come to see you!

-----Library Director

I usually don't like to have a magician but you had so much variety in your shows; stories and your delightful "friends" and magic. The kids loved it!

-----Elementary School Principal

Bob Shimer wrapped up the show with one of his stories  using Drango. I had always wanted to see Bob perform and man! What a treat. He was ventastic. He did a story about a blacksmith who can't take the noise any longer. He used audience members as the cast and Drango as the wise rabbi. I just can't say enough good things about Bob's show. If you get the chance to see him, DO!

-----Reviewer of 2002 Vegas Ventriloquist Festival

It was so heartwarming to hear of the results of your show at the Deaf school. It shows that you have not only great showmanship skills, but incredible compassion. Thank you so much on behalf of all of us who struggle with this problem - large to some and small to others, but never-the-less one that is not easy to live with. I appreciate more than words can say what you have done for these kids.

-----Deaf Entertainment Director