• Where can Bob perform? Bob is willing to go anywhere in the world for shows. Out of the Indianapolis and Fishers areas travel expenses may apply.
  • What does it cost to book Bob? Bob charges by time rather than the numbers of shows. For example he would rather do shorter shows for different age groups than one show for a wide range of ages.
  • Rates vary some based on what is done at each venue. The distance and time also affects the charges. Bob tries to keep his fees as low as possible so he can make his shows affordable to all. Call or e-mail for a quote.
  • Overnight accommodations may be required depending on the show times and distance involved.
  • In order to reduce costs for shows that require much travel, you may want to go in with other organizations to share costs. This can be for a single show or several shows at different locations. The later may result in a higher overall fee however the per organization fee may be lower. Don't forget to consider setup, tear down, and travel times when thinking about several locations.

  • What ages are the shows for? Children and seniors especially love Bob's shows however he does shows for all ages. He does age-appropriate shows for all ages. Bob's shows are a combination of Storytelling, Ventriloquism, and Magic. 

  • What do we call your show? It is not a "puppet show" in the traditional sense even though I do use puppets. The best way to describe my show is: "Stories & Magic with Bob & Friends"
  • On StoriesAndMagic.com click on "ClipArt"  for clip art and graphics to help promote the show.

  • How do I book Bob's Shows and/or Walk-Arounds? Call Bob at 317.845.2954. or Cell 317.442.3420
  • Snail Mail: 116 Willowood Lane, Fishers, IN 46038-1176
  • E-mail Bob at the link at the bottom of this page. NOTE: Because of the large amount of SPAM that I receive, you can insure that I will see you post if you put the phrase "Possible Booking" in the subject line. My browser looks for this phrase and calls my attention to it. I try to read all posts but without this there is a possibility I may miss it. Use this even if you are just commenting or sending a personal message.

E-Mail Bob at:
StoriesAndMagic.com BobShimer.com